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Established in Ethiopia, since 2000 Segon International Movers Plc is one of the packing and moving company. Moving your family and valuables items in this part of Africa, requires great care and a local knowledge from a dedicated and trusted company. Our sister companie SEGON-MARILL in Erhiopia is in a position to guarantee a top level service quality.
Segon and Transit Marill is a merge from a very close business relationship between two companies over a decade.

We propose the highest quality service for all type of House Removals for diplomatic missions, international and non governmental organizations & private moves.

Service provided:

  • Pre-move Survey
  • Packing and Handling
  • Delivery/ Warehousing
  • Container Stuffing / Self loading - unloading
  • City move and transport by via Sea/Air/Landié exclusif

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Marill International Movers
Box: 122283 - ADDIS ABABA

Standart : (+251) 115  57 22 14
Fax : (+251) 115  57 22 46
E-mail :

Tseday WORKU
Général Manager
Ligne directe : (+251) 115 572 240
Mobile : (+251) 911 225 221


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