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Gulf Agency Marill Service (GAMS) logistics is a solution provider for Somalia & Somaliland. GAMS  is a sister company of Transit Marill and a subsidiary of Marill Group duly registered in Hargeisa and Mogadishu.
GAMS is handling all import/export operations. We cover the full range of multimodal transport. We have more than 50 years’ experience in moving services and forwarding! Where ever you want to get your valuables, GAMS and Transit Marill take care of your goods according to your needs.

• FCL/FCL, FCL/LCL freight forwarding services are performed with major shipping lines, calling Djibouti and Somalia.
• Air shipments bounding to Somalia and Somaliland via Djibouti are conveyed daily with international and regional airline companies.

Our two locations:

Hargeisa is the capital city of Somaliland located 200kms East of Berbera, Our heard office which serves as our sales and commercial deals is located downtown Hargeisa, in the Amiin Hotel Tower. This office will be the point of entry for any requests, quotations, transit papers and customs for all airports, sea ports, and in-land ports. This office provides all relevant logistics solutions. Additional storage compound is available to bear with any further storage request.
Berbera: this local branch office opened within the port to facilitate and expedite customs clearance and keep in touch with harbor and customs authorities. Due to its location, Berbera will be the center for dispatching cargo within the whole territory.
GAMS logistic current Clients

In the year of 2013 GAMS has cleared and delivered a shipment of approximately 8120 Metric Tons from Berbera port, Hargeisa Airport and Berbera airport.


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Gulf Agency Marill Services ltd
Togheer street
Hotel amiin building main floor
Office N°2 and N°3

Ahmad  Ali WARSAME
Directeur Régional 

Fardus Ahmedsalan WARSAME
Responsable Logistique 

AbdiRahim Mohamed ALI


Zahra Ahmed Moussa 
Responsable Projet Djibouti & Somaliland 
Standard : (+253) 21 35 11 50 
Ligne directe : (+253) 21 32 74 45 
Mobile : (+253) 77 84 98 00 
Fax : (+253) 21 35 56 23 
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