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DIS-PRO Computer is a computer distributor in Djibouti since 15 years and is an IBM certified retailer. We distribute micro-computer products as well as up-market products (servers, routers, etc).
We are leaders in the field of professional computer market in Djibouti.

 Why choose Dis-pro Computer ?

  •  A strong experience in the field of computer distribution: several servers and hundreds of PCs and devices sold each year and repaired by our after-sale service.
  • Our skill and experience in matters of network
  • we guarantee the installation, the system, the cabling and training of users for the following networks: Microsoft Window 2000/2003-02-12 NT 4.0, Server AIX 4.3, Microsoft Windows 2000 / 2003, NT 4.0, Server AIX 4.3.

 We are also able to offer adapted network solutions such as:

  • the setting up of networks integrating several Windows and AIX servers
  • the creation of WAN networks interconnecting different sites by modem and L5 connection
  • Solutions of share of an internet access : proxy and firewall under Wingate 4.5 or Checkpoint and/or Cisco Router
  • Mdaemon 6 and Lotus Domino/Notes 5 courier servers
  • Faxmaker 10 fax servers
  • Antivirus solution in Norton Corporate 7.6 network
  • The commercial software management, point of sale and FDN accounting
  • The software of pay, commercial management and SAGE accounting


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  • International brands
  • Network Solutions
  • A strong experience
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Dis-pro Informatique
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Tel : (+253) 21 35 11 50
Fax : (+253) 21 35 03 35
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Philippe PERLES
Managing Director

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