Removal & Relocation - Somalia

Gulf Agency Marill Shipping Compagny - GAMS
All logistics, moving and relocation solutions for Somlia will be provided by a sister compagnie of Transit Marill and a susiduary of Marill Group registred in Hargeisa and Mogadischu. GAMS is handeling aill import/export operations and has more than 50 years experience in moving services and forwarding. Wherever you want to get your valuables, GAMS and Transit Marill will take care of your goods according to your needs.

Please visit our sister compagny website and discover the wide range of services and expertise :

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Gulf Agency Marill Services ltd

Togheer street
Hotel amiin building main floor
Office N°2 and N°3

Ahmad  Ali WARSAME
Directeur Régional

Aisha Hassan HEISS
General Manager
Tel : +252 51 56 37

AbdiRahim Mohamed ALI


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