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 Import and sale of new vehicles 4x4 TOYOTA:

• Marill Somalia is your local and privileged contact for Somalia.
• Marill Somalia is representative of Toyota, Suzuki Piaggio and Michelin
• Through our partner SKA.

After Sales Service SKA
 : reliability and quality guaranteed!

At Toyotas’ service department our work is our passion! This means that we’re highly efficient, know the Toyota brand like the backs of our own
hands, and are as committed to maintaining your vehicle’s performance and esthetics for your car.

Wheel repairs, auto glass repairs, muffler repairs, transmission repairs, tire rotations, oil changes, filter inspections...these are just some of the
many repair services the Hargeisa Automove Company service center routinely performs.

Spare parts : our spare parts department fully supports driver’s decision to fix and/or maintain their vehicles themselves.

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Yannick PLACE
Standard : (+253) 21 32 94 00
Direct Line : (+253) 21 32 94 22
Mobile : (+253) 77 03 03 38

Yannick PLACE 
COO Marill International
Tel : (+253) 21 32 94 37
Mobile: (+253) 77 03 03 38

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